I am alive!!

I am alive!! Here are some photos since my last post, I have been taking them daily, I promise!!















Okay that was a LOT of photos! I’m sorry I got so far behind, life got a little hectic! We were in Oregon this weekend for a “Pi day” wedding and my nephew’s birthday. Both were on Saturday. We had a great time at the wedding, and Reception and of course, at my nephew’s birthday. We ended the weekend with a visit to OHSU, but don’t worry everyone is okay, and we’re all back home now. We just had a small scare. The waiting room had a phone charging station which I thought was pretty cool. Also I watched a LOT of the Brady Bunch haha.


Catch up…


Last Thursday, I video chatted with my dear friend, Lauren. It’s always so nice to catch up with her and see how things are doing. I truly do miss having her nearby, but it’s wonderful that thanks to technology I can see and talk to her whenever we want. After we had our “google hangout” Mitchell, kitten and I hung out on the couch for a little while and watched some Netflix.


Friday, I took the youngest I nanny, the stuffed turtle she stole from my car (His/her name is Purple Purple…you can see him bottom rightish.) out for breakfast. She wasn’t feeling so hot so shortly after this photo she went from smiley to grumpy… which changed as soon as she heard the words “going to target.” She loves that place as much as any other female haha.


Friday evening, we went over to our friend Tim’s house, for games and dinner. Mitchell and I stopped at Uwajimaya beforehand and picked up some of our favorite snacks. We had a fun time and played some fun games!


Saturday I went out to coffee with some ladies I met through a facebook group… we meet up once a month and catch up. It was really nice, afterwards I went to Bellevue Square Mall with one of them, we walked around, met her husband and daughter for lunch and talked some more, they are such a cute little family, and I really enjoyed talking with their 2 year old daughter. After I came home and hung out on the couch with my Kitten. Here she is above being all sorts of adorable.

IMG_6229Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Alki with Mitchell’s sister, her boyfriend and their 3 dogs. It was such a warm and beautiful day, we sat on the beach, walked around for a while looked at the sea-life, and then went back to their place for some delicious fish tacos! It was such a wonderful way to spend our sunday and end the weekend, I didn’t even dread today as much as I normally do :)

I’ll post tonight’s photo with tomorrow’s because it’s late and I need go go to bed! I hope it’s sunny again tomorrow though, because I love going for walks with the kids!


Kitten keeps stealing my food…

Ever since she was little, Kitten has always had this addiction to people food… It started just one week after we got her and she sat on Mitchell’s burrito…then the week later we caught her stealing a piece of pizza out of the pizza box (yes she ran off with it, and it took us a good 5 minutes to stop laughing and catch up and take it away…) She’s always stealing MY food. Yesterday she stole some fries off my plate while I wasn’t looking… Today she stole my entire cheeseburger (I didn’t even get to eat much of it…) and just now she tried to steal my sandwich. The problem is, shes so darn cute when she does it! Ugh!


On the same note, today’s photo of her being all sorts of adorable snuggling one of my many scarves… I just love her. How cute is she?



Flowers on this sunny Tuesday.

Today was such a beautiful day. The youngest I nanny and I spent a fair amount of time enjoying the sun. She also educated me on the inner workings of our solar system and all things space. Her favorite thing is the “milk shower” (Milky way) and she informed me that that is where you go if your thirsty.

Today’s photo(s) are of the flowers I bought at Trader Joe’s. I actually took two bouquets that I combined, and made into one — I did end up tossing some of the flowers… but overall I like the way it turned out. I also just found out that my florist finally has a new storefront! I’m so excited to stop in and have them make my next bouquet! If you’re in the Bellevue area you just HAVE to stop in and see Flowers for the People at Masin’s showroom.

Onto the photos!








Another Salmon dinner :) my tummy is happy!

Look! I’m back on track! Posting today’s photo TODAY! I am very proud of myself! I you should be too ;P. Kidding. A little.


So for tonight’s salmon dinner, we marinated it in the lemon pepper marinade from Webber. We added lemon juice per the recipe (last time we added water but it was a different marinade.) It turned out super amazing. To go along side I made homemade cole-slaw, and we made a package of trader joe’s frozen Quinoa.  We tossed in a pinch of lemon juice to the Quinoa to help give it a little more flavor. I had a glass of my favorite Rosa Regale Sparkling Italian Wine. Overall I’d have to say this is a pretty good way to end a Monday. I hope everyone else enjoyed their monday too!


Saturday and Sunday!


Yesterday Mitchell had to work. He’s a photographer’s assistant, he works for August Smith. So I spent the day at home cleaning and hanging out with Kitten. After work we went out to dinner with Mitchell’s parents. We went to Tokyo in Factoria, so the photo above represents one of the greatest parts about eating at Tokyo… Coffee jello!


Today we went over and spent time with Mitchell’s parents again. We sat enjoyed some tea and caught up with his wonderful mom. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for us, and we ended the night watching Gilmore Girls. It was a pretty nice and relaxing end to our weekend. :)